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Do you own several acres of land in the United States? If so, you should do what you can to protect it. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States farm real estate value averaged $3,800 per acre for 2022. That’s where an experienced land management specialist can come in and help take care of things. Here are some factors to look for when hiring someone for the job.

1. Communication Skills

When someone is looking after your property, you want to feel confident they can properly communicate with you. This person should be easy to talk to and answer any questions you have. You shouldn’t have to pry information out of them. If something is wrong, they should let you know right away and be able to explain the issue before solving it.

2. Fitness

Working on any landscape requires a good amount of fitness. The more acres you have, the more space a specialist has to cover, whether they’re walking or utilizing equipment to get around. If they’re not comfortable getting around the vast majority of your land on a regular basis, it’s easy for problems to form and get out of hand.

3. Problem Solving

Regardless of how well-maintained the property is, problems can happen at any time. So a land management specialist should be able to solve problems quickly and think on their feet. When it comes to the outdoors, unexpected situations ranging from the weather to animals to trespassers can happen and put the property in danger.

4. Eye for Detail

With the many different types of plants and animals roaming around on a landscape, it’s important for your specialist to keep an eye out for anything that may occur. They should be able to notice small changes in the environment, such as an overabundance of weeds. Have certain pests or predators that can affect livestock started showing up? They should note any invasive animal species that can harm native plants and animals as well.

When you’re sitting on several acres of land, you shouldn’t have to handle it all on your own. From issues with plants, the weather, and animals, you’ll need all the professional help you can get. When you need an experienced land management specialist, our team is ready to assist you.