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A land clearing service is essential before beginning a construction or development project. These services involve removing everything from the land, including trees, debris, and other vegetation, to provide developers with a clean slate. The clean slate makes laying foundations and driveways or beginning construction easy. When hiring a land clearing service, here’s what you can expect.

A Land Survey

Before quoting a price, a professional will come to survey the land. They will speak with you about plans for the land, what you need to be cleared away, and any complications that may contribute to a higher cost. For example, people that want land cleared that is difficult to access may wind up paying a higher price. They’ll also note any vegetation, debris, or other aspects that must be cleared.


After that, a land clearing service will develop a comprehensive plan. The plan includes the necessary equipment, how many workers they will need, and everything that must be accomplished. When creating a plan, companies will also consider the timeline to completion. This ensures that you can remember your new project’s timeline. Most landowners participate in this process, too.

A Complete Estimate

Once companies know everything that must be done, including what equipment must be used, they can provide owners with a comprehensive estimate. Most owners prefer to get this estimate in writing. The appraisal can be broken down into how much each service will cost for transparency. It’s vital that owners set aside additional money in case problems arise during that process.

Clearing Trees

According to Nature Portfolio, people cut down at least 15 billion trees yearly to clear land. Most of this is completed by a land clearing company. Because it is often the most significant part of the job, many companies prefer to take on this task before clearing away small vegetation. Tree removal includes the complete removal of trees, including the stump.

Vegetation Removal

After removing the trees, companies will remove vegetation. This includes small trees, shrubs, and anything else. During this process, a business will also remove additional debris that is in the way, like giant boulders, rocks and gravel, trash, and more. After this, most or all of the land will be ready for development. Vegetation and tree removal are the two most essential aspects of clearing land.

Land clearing remains essential before beginning a construction project to ensure everything runs smoothly. Contact Double R when you’re ready for an estimate!