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A guided deer hunt is an excellent way to have a unique hunting experience. According to a National Deer Association survey, about 8.1 million people (about half of New York’s population) hunt deer annually, making deer the most popular game. A guided deer hunt is a great way to learn things about deer hunting you never knew.

1. It Generates Revenue

Many communities rely heavily on the income from deer hunting. Deer hunters contribute to local economies through licensing fees, tourism, and buying equipment locally. This sport generates income for rural areas.

2. It Is Conservation

Deer hunting supports conservation. A well-managed deer hunting program ensures that deer do not become overpopulated and affect the ecological balance. It is a highly sustainable and renewable resource management activity. Additionally, a portion of licensing fees and other costs contribute to conservation funds.

3. Wind Direction Matters

Deer have a few things going for them. They have acute eyesight, a strong sense of smell, and can hear very well. Hunting downwind from the deer is always a better option. Thermal currents are also a factor in deer hunting. A guided deer hunt will shed some light on thermal currents and how to gauge them.

4. Deer Have Unique Behaviors

Deer are crepuscular, meaning they’re most active at dusk and dawn and they prefer to move in low-light conditions. They will take cover for the brightest parts of the day to avoid interacting with predators and change bedding locations regularly. They communicate with each other through grunts, snorts, and low vocalizations. These unique behaviors will be explained to you during your guided deer hunt.

5. They Have Seasonal Movements

Deer move with the seasons. They will travel away from their home range to follow the food. Typically, deer have an established home range of a few miles, but with seasonal changes, they will travel great distances. Some breeds are migratory and will establish both a summer home and a winter home range.

Understanding deer behavior and other factors is essential for any hunter. A guide will have insider knowledge of deer behavior and all the other factors that influence the success of a hunt. Whether you are new to hunting or an expert, there is a lot to learn about a guided hunt. The experience of a guided hunt will influence you on every hunt you have after. Call today to reserve your spot.