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Hunters spend a lot of money looking to bag a trophy buck during the annual deer hunting season, but they don’t always get a buck. According to the National Deer Association, the United States has about 9.5 million deer hunters. Most of those hunters are on public land, but most of the deer are on private property, which puts a lot of pressure on public hunting lands. Guided deer hunts often happen on private land and greatly improve the odds of bagging a big buck. Here’s how they work.

Local Deer Expert

The people who guide deer hunts have already scouted locations and identified impressive deer that live in them. The local deer hunting experts can determine the best places to hunt for particular bucks so their clients can try to harvest one. Instead of spending long hours and several days in the woods trying to bag a buck that never shows, a hunting guide greatly enhances the odds of getting one on the first day, as the weather allows. The hunt might include a strategically placed deer blind situated where deer regularly cross through while feeding and bedding down for the night.

Food and Lodging

The best deer hunting guide services do more than help hunters have successful deer hunts. They also provide food and lodging, so you don’t have to worry about packing food and roughing it every night in a remote deer cabin or tent. Even if you plan to rent lodging, you still need to eat food at a restaurant or cook your own. A full-service guided deer hunt takes care of the food and lodging so you just need to bring your hunting rifles or archery equipment and your gear.

Game Processing Services

When you bag a buck, it needs to be field-dressed. Your guide can help you field dress your deer and get it out of the woods. The service should have local game processors available to convert your deer into ground venison, sausage, and other cuts of game meat. The service also might have access to a local food bank that accepts donated venison and distributes it to families that need the food.

Call us today to learn more about our guided deer hunts and reserve one during the hunting season. Our team will explain our offerings and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.